The first page™

I finally decided that I want to have a blog, but the usual blogging platforms are too bloated (and not extensible enough when you need it) for my taste.
Thus my decision to roll with GitHub pages (powered by Jekyll).

Why Jekyll and not another wordpress/blogger blog?

Jekyll is simple but powerful, can run on any server (or locally) and I get to write my posts in sublime text, not some overloaded ajax interface. I also have a nice history of the blog (due to using git), and you can fix typos by submitting a pull request. Awesome, right?

I pondered about serving a static site for a while because it makes things like commenting difficult, but that's where services like Disqus really shine.


I'll be blogging about just about anything, with a special focus on programming, data centers and Python, since that's how I make a living.

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