I'll be at PyconDE 2013 in Cologne

I submitted a talk with one of my YADT developer colleagues. He is a developer with a strong operations background while I am a developer with a strong QA background, which will (hopefully) make for an interesting presentation. We'll be talking about continuous integration with the pybuilder toolchain.

We use pybuilder for nearly everything we do in python and it's been a great asset so far.
The added value from having something in place that orchestrates all the CI parts (coverage, linting, unit/integration testing, packaging), along with very sane defaults, keeps us productive and focused on the real work - delivering business value and getting sh** done - instead of reinventing the wheel.

I'm looking forward to a great conference, I was in Leipzig last year and they had great keynotes as well as interesting talk topics. I personally thought that 20 minutes was too short a timeframe to dive into any topic but this year there are also many 1-hour talks!

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